Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Putnam's Handy Map Book and Sample Maps

Putnam's Handy Map Book, published 1922 by G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1838-1996, Penguin Putnam, Inc. 1996-.  Founded by George Palmer Putnam, American, 1814-1872.  Cartographer/illustrator unknown.  From my collection.

Ice Skater In Red

Ice Skater In Red, 1950s, by Fritz Willis, American, 1907-1979.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Outdoor Advertisements, New York City

Outdoor Advertisements, New York City, 1929, by Walker Evans, American, 1903-1975.

Rose and Shovel

Rose and Shovel, 1956, by Kansuke Yamamoto, Japanese, artist, photographer, poet, 1914-1987.

Nude 21

Nude 21, 1936, by Andreas Feininger, American, architect, photographer, 1906-1999.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, 1955, by Tom Palumbo, American, photographer, theater director, 1921-2008.  Grace Kelly, Monegasque, born United States, actress, model, Princess Consort of Monaco, 1929-1982.

Simultaneous Counter-Composition

Simultaneous Counter-Composition by Theo van Doesburg, born Christian Emil Marie Kupper, Dutch, 1883-1931.  Oil on canvas.

The Rest Cure

Postcard, publisher, illustrator, date unknown. From my collection.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Marlene Dietrich and Kurt Gerron

Publicity still from The Blue Angel, 1930, directed by Josef von Sternberg, born Jonas Sternberg,  American, born Austria-Hungary, now Austria, 1894-1969.  Marlene Dietrich, born Marie Magdalene Dietrich, actress, singer, American, born Germany, 1901-1992.  Kurt Gerron, actor, singer, cabaret performer, theater director, film director, German, 1897-1944.

Light Red Over Black

Light Red Over Black, 1957, by Mark Rothko, born Marcus Yakovlevich Rothkowitz, American, born Russia, now Latvia, 1903-1970.  Oil on canvas.

Speaking Aleut Plus Sample Pages

The Aleut Language, The Elements of Aleut grammar with a dictionary in two parts containing basic vocabularies of Aleut and English by Richard Henry Geoghegan, edited by Fredericka I. Martin, United States Department of the Interior 1944.  From my collection.