Saturday, September 24, 2016

Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 1966, by Lee Friedlander, American, 1934-.

El Capitan, Hollywood

El Capitan, Hollywood, 1993, by Hiroshi Sugimoto, Japanese, 1948-.  El Capitan Theater, opened 1923, building designed by Stiles O. Clements, American, born Panama, 1883-1966.  Theater interior designed by Gustave Albert Lansburgh, American, 1876-1969.

Eckstein With Lipstick

Eckstein with lipstick, 1930, by Ringl + Pit, collaboration, 1929-1933.  Ringl, real name Grete Stern, Argentinian, born Germany, 1904-1999, Pit, real name Ellen Auerbach, born Ellen Rosenberg, American, born Germany, 1906-2004.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reflections, New York City

Window Reflections, New York City, c 1940, by Lisette Model, born Elise Amelie Stern, American, born Austria, 1901-1983.

Tableau Rastadada

Tableau Rastadada, 1920, by Francis Picabia, born Francis-Marie Martinez Picabia, French, 1879-1953.  Cut and pasted printed paper on paper with ink.

Lil Dagover and Her Shih Tzu

Lil Dagover and her Shih Tzu, Berlin, 1928, by Lotte Jacobi, born Johanna Alexandra Jacobi, American, born Germany, 1896-1990.  Lil Dagover, born Marie Antonia Siegelinde Martha Seubert, German, born Java, Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, actress, 1887-1990.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Late 19th Century Lumber Camps From Western Pennsylvania

All photos by William T. Clarke, American, 1859-1930, all thought to be from the late 19th Century, and all thought to be taken in central and western Pennsylvania.  Top to bottom. 1. Swampers carving out a mountain road.  2. Locomotive and car derailment Clinton County, 3. "The Shacks" near Cross Fork, Potter, County.   4. Temporary bark hut made by bark peelers. 5. Men resting at a lumber camp, Wind Fall Run, Potter, County.  6.  Building a log slide.  7.  Horseplay on the roof.  8. Winter camp.  9.  Men with three bicycles.  10.  Two girls by a stream.  11.  Men take a break from work.