Friday, September 9, 2016

Late 19th Century Lumber Camps From Western Pennsylvania

All photos by William T. Clarke, American, 1859-1930, all thought to be from the late 19th Century, and all thought to be taken in central and western Pennsylvania.  Top to bottom. 1. Swampers carving out a mountain road.  2. Locomotive and car derailment Clinton County, 3. "The Shacks" near Cross Fork, Potter, County.   4. Temporary bark hut made by bark peelers. 5. Men resting at a lumber camp, Wind Fall Run, Potter, County.  6.  Building a log slide.  7.  Horseplay on the roof.  8. Winter camp.  9.  Men with three bicycles.  10.  Two girls by a stream.  11.  Men take a break from work.

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