Friday, October 14, 2016

The Wizard of Oz

Solicitation for funds, sent by the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences, founded 1927.  Top card, makeup and hairstyle conceptual drawings for The Wizard of Oz, 1939, by William Tuttle, American, makeup artist, 1912-2007.  Bottom card, hair and makeup test photographs, 1939.  Top left, The Scarecrow/Ray Bolger, photographer unknown.  Top right, The Cowardly Lion/Bert Lahr, photograph by James Manatt, American, 1896-1989.  Bottom Left, The Tin Man/Jack Haley, photograph by Virgel Apger, American, 1903-1994.  Bottom right, The Wizard/Frank Morgan, photograph by George Hommel, American, 1901-1953.  Makeup by Jack Dawn, American, 1892-1961.  Ray Bolger, American, 1904-1987.  Bert Lahr, American, 1895-1967.  Jack Haley, American, 1897-1979.  Frank Morgan, born Francis Wuppermann, American, 1890-1949.  The Wizard of Oz, 1939, directed by Victor Fleming, American, race car driver, stunt man, cinematographer, film director, 1889-1949.

From my collection.

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